Mon., May 4-  LAST New Spelling/Reading Voc words coming home today.
Tues., May 5-
Wed., May 6- Practice Spelling test.
Thurs., May 7-
Fri., May 8- LAST Final Spelling/Reading Voc tests today
Donít forget, our website: has all the spelling words, voc, etc. 
Spelling site to practice spelling words: Unit 6; Week 30.  

Reading Homework: Your child will bring home a vocabulary list each Monday for the next story in our Reading book.  A vocabulary test on these words will be given on Friday.   Your child will have to fill in the blanks with the words on the vocabulary list.  Please study the word list every night.  Your child will NOT have to spell these words. On Tuesday, your child will bring home a book he/she must read aloud to you (or an adult).  After they read the book you must sign on the back. The book is due the next day.  Students that bring the book back the next day will receive a small treat. Students that do not bring back homework the next day will have their name on the board and miss 10 minutes of play time. 

Spelling:  Please study spelling words every night.  We will have a Practice test on Wednesday and a Final test on Friday.   Before Christmas, challenge words will be worth one extra bonus point. After Christmas all words will count the same.  

Math:  We have Math homework every Thursday night.  This homework is due the next day. Students that do not bring their homework back the next day will have to miss 10 minutes of their play time.

Please remember:  It is your child's responsibility to do the homework and put it in their backpack.  This is an excellent time to develop good study habits that will continue through their school years.