Unit 1:

Grammar:  Subjects and Predicates; Simple Sentences; Types of Sentences; What is a Noun; Singular and Plural Nouns

Writing:  Narrative Writing: Sentences that tell a True Story; Friendly letter; Sentences that describes; True Story


Unit 2:

Grammar:  More plural nouns; Proper Nouns; What is a Verb?; Verbs in the Present; Verbs; Past, Present, Future

Writing: Informative Writing: Informational paragraph; Instructions


Unit 3:

Grammar: Compound Sentences; Expanding/Rearranging Compound Sentences; Quotation Marks; Using Proper Nouns; Abbreviations;

Writing: Opinion Writing:  Persuasive Letter; Opinion Paragraph; Persuasive Paragraph; Persuasive Essay


Unit 4:

Grammar: Pronouns: Subject-Verb Agreement; The Verb Be; Commas in Dates/Places: Commas in a series

Writing: Narrative Writing: Story Paragraphs; Descriptive Paragraphs; Fictional Story; Fictional Narrative


Unit 5:

Grammar: Adjectives; Using Adjectives; Irregular Verbs; Irregular Action Verbs

Writing: Informative Writing:  Problem/Solution Paragraph;  Compare/Contrast Paragraph; Informational Paragraph; Research Report


     Unit 6:

Grammar:  Contractions; Adverbs; Possessive Nouns; Possessive Pronouns: Choose Between Adjective or Adverb

Writing: Opinion Writing:  Response Poem; Opinion Paragraph; Response Paragraph;  Response Essay


Links for Reading/Language: 

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       Drop and Drag, compound words:

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