Below is a list of the words we will be learning this year.  These words correspond with the story we are reading in class that week. These underlined words are to be practiced until your child knows them “on sight”, that is knows them without pausing or sounding them out. Many of these words do not follow the normal phonics patterns and do need to be memorized. These words are also being practiced in our small reading groups. 

Students will be tested on these vocabulary words each Friday. Please keep in mind that these are only Vocabulary words, not Spelling words.  


   Unit 1: 

First Week:

curly- having a twisted, ring, or spiral shape

straight-not curly, bending, or curving

floppy- moving or hanging in a loose, droopy way

collars- bands that an animal wears around their necks

drooled-  let salvia drip from the mouth

weighed-   had a certain heaviness

stood- was in an upright position on one's foot

row- number of things arraigned in a line

High-Frequency Words:   around        or        be        pull        five        take        help        until        next         walked


Second Week:

remembered- not forgotten

porch-outside place, with a roof, that leads to the door

crown- something special worn on the head

cousin- the son or daughter of an aunt or uncle

spend- to give your time to do something

stuck- not able to move

visit- go to see someone

piano- a musical instrument

High-Frequency Words:  bring        like        children        make        comes        those        do        use        family        with


Third Week:

hairy-covered with hair

mammals- animals that have give birth to live babies

litter- a group of babies born at the same time

stayed-remain in place

canned-stored in a can

chews- rip or crush with teeth

clipped- attached

coat- a covering of fur

High-Frequency Words:  city        put        full        school        no        sing        other        think        places        this


Week Four:


rotten- dead and not good to eat

dangerous-unsafe or harmful

screaming- yelling or crying

scare- to make someone afraid

breeze- a light wind

sticky-  thick, glue like

judge- form an idea about

High-Frequency Words: cheer        play        could        read        hello        see        hundred        today


Week Five:

wonderful- great

noises- sounds

quiet- calm, not noisy

sprinkled- scattered or shoot small amounts

share- divide up

noticed- was aware of, saw

bursting- full of

suddenly- quickly

High-Frequency Words:  both        little        cold        long        eat        says        find        table        green        we



   Unit 2:

Week One:

shaped- in the same form of           

deepest-the most hidden or inside part

branches-limbs of trees

break- to snap off

pond- a small body of water

hang- attach something from up high so it drops down

beaks- bird's mouths

winding- not straight, curvy

High-Frequency Words:  animals        second        bear        she        know        sleep        most        three        myself        work

Week Two:

blooming- having flowers

wrinkled- folded up in a messy way, crumpled

shovels- garden tools used for lifting dirt and soil

plain- simple, not fancy

scent- a smell

muscles- parts of the body used to help you move and do things

tough-  hard, thick on the outside

nodded- moved the head up and down

High Frequency Words:  air        car        cried        funny        he        pictures        pretty        told        try

Week Three:

beware- be careful

pounding- crashing

damage- harm

equal- the same as

prevent- stop from happening

bend- to cause something to curve

reach- to get as far as

flash- a quick burst

High-Frequency Words:  before        eye        few        happy        high        my        open        people        starts        yellow

Week Four:

tunnel- an underground passage

toward- in the direction of

curled- twisted

healed- mended, got well

height- tallness

brag- to show off

direction- the way of

tease- to make fun of

High-Frequency Words:  afraid        dark        for        kept        many        might        own        show        why        would

Week Five:

millions- a very large number

weaker- less strong

choices- decisions

wrapped- covered

drift- float around

disgusting- sickening

simple- easy, not complicated

decide- make up your mind about

High-Frequency Words:  because        really        better        night        go        they        me        was        old        you


  Unit Three:

Week One:

understand- to know something

believe- to think that something is true or real

gathered- picked or scooped something up

problem- something that needs to be solved or fixed

impatient- not wanting to wait:  Wanting to do something right now

demand- to insist on

impossible- cannot be done

furious- very angry

High-Frequency Words:  another        kind        far        light        grow        more        hard        some        heard        to

Week Two:

vibration- a movement made by sound

creative- original

tune- a melody

performance- music played for an audience

volume- how loud or quiet a sound is

concentrate- pay attention

expression- showing of feelings

relieved- freed from worry

High-Frequency Words:  against        hold        along        morning        bird        night        girl        different        part        someone

Week Three:

culture- clothes, celebrations, and food shared by a group of people

subjects- different things to study in school

community- all the people living in one town or place

lessons- something that is taught

languages- what people speak

special- a way that is not like everyday

wear- to be dressed in a type of clothes

transportation- ways of getting from place to place

High-Frequency Words:  about        slowly        everything        store        first        story        her        two        of        world

Week Four:

knowledge- information or facts

illness- being sick or not feeling well

curious- wanting to know something

imitated- copied or did the same thing as someone else

motion- moving around

darkness- no light

silence- totally quiet, no sound

behavior- the way someone or something acts;  what they do

High-Frequency Words:  all        party        food        sky        front        started        hair        stories        never        warm

Week Five:

obeys- does what someone says

station- workplace, office space, base

safety- ways to keep from getting hurt

speech- a talk that you give to a group of people

attention- focus or notice

shocked- surprised or upset

buddy- friend or partner

enormous- really big or huge

High-Frequency Words:  after        new        book        off        care        over        ever        small        live        thought



    Unit 4

Week One:

received- got was given

chuckled- laughed gently

account- something people keep their money at the bank

staring- looking hard at something

budget- a list of ways you plan to spend money

repeated- did something again

fund- an amount of money saved for a special purpose

disappointed- filled with a sad feeling

High-Frequency Words: also        look        fly        river        gone        said        have        saw        horse        something

Week Two:

practice- to do an activity often to get better at it

extra- more of something

hurried- did something quickly

curb- the edge of a road

position- the place where someone or something is supposed to be

cheered- shouted to show happiness

roared- shouted in a powerful voice

final- last

High-Frequency Words:  any        room        blue        studied        carry        sure        doing        teacher        else        turned

Week Three:

accepted- to have to agreed with something

pretend- to pretend

express- to show or describe something

prize- an award

taught- to have helped someone learn something

wonder- to think about something you are not sure about

grand- big or impressive

fluttering- waving or moving rapidly

High-Frequency Words:  always        mother        anything        soon        been        under        draw        watch        friends        words

Week Four:

assistant- someone who helps another person

tearing- damaging something by pulling it apart

agreed- to have said yes to something

wisdom- good sense of judgment

polite- respectful

cleared- to have taken things away from someplace

failed- not succeeded

trouble- problems

High-Frequency Words: are        is        baby        please        didn't        sound        good        talk        I'll        too

Week Five:

depended- counted on; relied on

gazing- looking at something fondly

sore- a feeling of pain or discomfort

hero- someone who is looked up to for doing something brave or important

sprang- jumped up quickly

exercise- activity that moves the body

studied- learned about a subject

overlooked- didn't see; not noticed; looking past

High-Frequency Words: I've        laugh        begins        ready        being        stood        flower        tall        ground        very


    Unit 5

Week One: 

finally- after a long time

otherwise- if things were different

junior- younger or having a lower rank

waterproof- something that doesn't allow water through it

slippery- difficult to hold on to

webbed- having skin between the toes

steer- to control the direction in which something is going

whistle- a high musical sound

High-Frequency Words:  across        nothing        behind        one        out        house        how        took        move        voice

Week Two:

knot- the place where two pieces of string have been tied together

copy- to do what someone else is doing

planning- think about or deciding on something

lonely- unhappy because you are alone

heavily- with a lot of power

seriously- in a way that is not joking

answered- said something to someone as a reply

guessed- make a prediction about the answer of a question

High-Frequency Words:  be        found        does        into        everyone        their        field        toward        floor        what's

Week Three: 

yarn- thick thread made of cotton or wool

weave- to make cloth by crossing materials over each other

strands- single pieces of thread

sharpening- make something have a sharper edge or point

spinning- twisting together material to make yarn or thread

duplicated- to have made an exact copy of something else

dye- a substance used to change the color of something

delicious- very good taste

High-Frequency Words:  coming        idea        down        knew        four        large        give        though        great        write

Week Four:

tumbling- falling and rolling suddenly

swift- fast

flung- threw hard

peacefully- calmly, not fighting

tangled- twisted or mixed-up

stream- flowing water, like a small river

empty- not full

blazed- burned or shined brightly

High-Frequency Words:  away        here        began        learning        brothers        surprised        brown        there        earth        without

Week Five:

grain- a tiny particle like a piece of sand

root- part of a plant that soaks up water and is underground

pod- a small shell that holds seeds

shoot- part of a young plant that grows straight up from a seed

soak- get very wet

nutrition- part of food that is good for your health,  like vitamins

soften- to make soft

tasty- having flavor that tastes good

High-Frequency Words:  ball        only        done        our        hear        through        learn        were        leaves        young

   Unit 6

Week One:

ordinary- average or common, not special

sensible- showing good judgment

control- the power to make things happen the way you want them to

confused- unable to understand what is happening

cage- an enclosure made with wire or bars meant to keep something inside of it

training- the process of being taught or of being of preparing for something

upset- unhappy, worried

suspiciously- in a way that shows you do not trust someone or something

High-Frequency Words:    again        follow        ago        goes        alone        head        don't        now        every        won't

Week Two:

exact- right on, completely correct

amazed- to be very surprised

discovered- to have found something out you did not know before

explained- to have told someone about something so they understand it

remove- to take away

guard- a person who watches over or protects something or someone

growled- made a long deep angry sound with your throat

souvenirs- things that remind you of a place you visited or an experience you had

High-Frequency Words:  buy        outside        called        tomorrow        even        town        father        water        maybe        when

Week Three:

served- carried in and placed before people

concealed- hidden; out of sight

overjoyed- very happy

glimmering- shining and sparkling

valuable- worth a lot of money

content- satisfied

worn- having the look of being used over and over

task- a small job to do

High-Frequency Words:  above        loved        enough        should        falling        sorry        happened        want        lived        while

Week Four:

search- to look for something

leaned- to have moved your body in a particular way

contained- to have held or enclosed something

tossed- to have thrown or flung something

startled- to have suddenly surprised someone

grateful- showing thankfulness for something

odd- strange, unusual

village- a very small town in the country

High-Frequency Words:  eight        upon        near        wash        once        who        paper        woman        seven        your

Week Five:

inventions- useful tools, machines, or instruments that were created by someone

remarkable- unusual or surprising

achieve- to successfully complete something or get a good result

composed- to have written something

designed- to have planned or developed something

result- something that happens because of something else

amounts- quantities of something

accomplishments- things that are successful or impressive

High-Frequency Words:  almost        pushed        dear        remember        door        sometimes        from        together        money        years