Social Studies

I am so excited that we have a new Social Studies book this year!  It has a wonderful web site that you should check out.  Click here to go to this site. The name of our book (2nd grade) is People and Places.


Unit 1: Where We Live


law- a rule that someone must follow

vote- make a choice about something

community-a place that is made up of many neighborhoods

history- the story of people, events, and places from the past

urban-a city and the places around it

suburb- a city and the places around it

rural-an area with small communities called towns that are far apart

capital-the place where the leaders of a state work

map- shows where places are

symbols- pictures that stand for things on a map

map key-tells what the symbols on a map mean





Unit 2: Our Earth


geography- the study of the Earth and the ways people use it

landform- a kind of shape on the surface of the Earth

ancestor- a person in our family who lived before we were born

producer- someone who makes or grows something

consumer- someone who buys goods

natural resource- a useful material that comes from the Earth

crop- a kind of plant grown by people for food and other uses

conservation- the care and protection of land, water, plants, trees, and animals




Unit 3:Working Together


income-money that people earn

goods- things people make or grow

services- jobs that people do to help others

tax- money that is collected by a government

factory- a building where people produce goods

trade- to buy, sell, or exchange goods

transportation- a way of moving goods or people from place to place

barter- to trade a good or service for another good or service without using money

compass rose- shows directions on a map, north, south, east, and west




  Unit 4: Our Country Today


government- a group of people who work together to run a city, state, or country

mayor- the leader of a town or city

citizen- a member of a community, state, and country

governor- the leader of a state's government

Congress- the part of the government that writes and votes on laws for all of our states

President- the leader of our country

freedom- every citizen's right of make choices

motto- a word or saying that people try to live by

monument- a building or statue that honors a person or an event




 Unit 5: Our Country Long Ago


shelter- a place where people live

tradition- something that is done a certain way for many years

explorer- a person who travels to a new place to learn about it

colony- a place that is settled by people from another country

colonist- a person who lives in a colony

independence- to be free from other people or places

pioneer- a person who goes first and prepares the way for others



 Unit 6: People and Places in History


immigrant- a person who settles in a new country

holiday- a special day

custom- a special way that a group does something 

landmark- a building or place that is important or interesting

artifact- an object made and used by people

invention- something new that someone makes or thinks of

communication- the sharing of ideas and information with others