Unit One:

Week 1:

sad                flat                dig

if                    jam               fix

glad               rip                list

kit                  win              mask

Review Words:

as                his

Challenge Words:

sandwich        picnic



Week 2:

wet                left                 job            

help               hug                plum

rest                nut                spot           

net                 mud               hot

Review words:

get            not

Challenge words:

lunch            spend


Week 3:

cake                prize            mine           

wipe                plate            race

size                 line                ate              

pile                 grape           rake

Review Words:

gave            bike

Challenge Words:

mistake            while


Week 4:

nose                work             use             

mule                rose             rode

pole                 role              close          

tune                 doze             cute

Review Words:  

home            joke

Challenge Words:

wrote            ice cube


Week 5:

spin                 test             clap            

skin                grade           drag

swim               glide            place           

just                  last              stage

Review Words:

slip            drive

Challenge Words:

climb            price


Unit 2:

Week 6:

next                    hunt               end

stand                 camp             long

sank                   stamp           sing

pond                   drink            bring

Review Words:

jump             left

Challenge Words:

young            friend


Week 7:

rock                black                trick

kick                  full                  dress

neck                add                  spell

stuck               class                doll

Review Words:

off            will

Challenge Words:

across            pocket



Week 8:

dish                  than                    chest

such                  thin                    push

shine                chase                 white

while                these                  flash

Review Words:

which            then

Challenge Words:

catch            thumb


Week 9:

liked                    using                riding

chased                spilled              making

closed                hoping               baked

hiding                standing            asked


Review Words:

mixed            sleeping

Challenge Words:

teasing            knocking


Week 10:

I'm                    don't                  isn't

can't                we'll                     it's

I've                  didn't                  you're

that's               wasn't               you've

Review Words:

us            them

Challenge Words:

they're            wouldn't



Unit 3:

Week 11:

hens                    eggs                ducks

bikes                   boxes               wishes

dresses               bells                stamps

dishes                 grapes              names


Review Words:

jets                frogs

Challenge Words:

stitches           fences


Week 12:

pay                       wait                paint

train                    plain                pail

clay                      tray                away

stain                     hay                gray       

Review Words:

stay                    day

Challenge Words:

raisin            birthday


Week 13:

free                     teach                teeth

please                beach                wheel

team                   speak                sneeze

sleep                  meaning            weave

Review Words:

eat            read

Challenge Words:

between            reason



Week 14:

own                most                soap

float                both                know

loan                goat                flow

loaf                throw               coach

Review Words:

so                grow

Challenge Words:

swallow            ocean



Week 15:

cannot                pancake                   maybe

baseball             playground             someone

myself                classroom              sunshine

outside               upon                        nothing


Review Words:

into            inside

Challenge Words:

nobody            everywhere


Unit 4:


Week 16:

running                clapped                  stopped

hopping                batted                    selling

pinned                  cutting                   sitting

rubbed                  missed                  grabbed

Review Words:

mixed            going

Challenge Words:

wrapped        swelling



Week 17:

might                    kind                    spy

child                     light                    find

right                      high                   wild

July                       fry                      sigh

Review Words:

by                why

Challenge Words:

behind            lightning



Week 18:

happy                    pretty                    baby

very                       puppy                    funny

carry                     lucky                      only

sunny                    penny                     city

Review Words:

tiny                many

Challenge Words:

sorry          noisy



Week 19:

car                        dark                  arm

star                       start                park

yard                      party                hard

farm                      part                spark

Review Words:

art                jar

Challenge Words:

carpet             apartment


Week 20:

horn                    story                fork

score                  corn                morning

shore                  short                 born

tore                     forgot                store

Review Words:

for                more

Challenge Words:

report            force



Unit 5:

Week 21:

father                 paper                over

cracker              under                offer

herd                   cover                water

germ                  verb                    master

Review Words:

fern        ever

Challenge Words:

remember          feather         



Week 22:

meat                tale                meet

tail                  week                be

weak               bee                main

too                  mane                to

Review Words:

see            sea

Challenge Words:

threw            through



Week 23:

helpful        kindly            sadly

useful            hopeful        safely

thankful        painful        slowly

mouthful        wishful        weakly

Review Words:

jumped            saying

Challenge Words:

quickly            wonderful



Week 24:

unhappy                unlike                retell

remake                  untangle            unpack

unkind                   reread                repaint

unlock                   refill                    replay

Review Words:

read            happy

Challenge Words:

rewrite            overheard



Week 25:

tall                    soft                    saw

paw                   dog                    hall

draw                yawn                    call

log                    fall                    small

Review Words:

all            walk

Challenge Words:

awful            wallpaper



Unit 6:

Week 26:

root                    room                crew

you                    spoon                stew

few                    boost                 bloom

scoop                grew                    flew

Review Words:

zoo                noon

Challenge Words:

shampoo            balloon



Week 27:

took                      hood                    books

wood                    foot                      stood

nook                    cookbook            cook

hoof                     shook                  crook           

Review Words:

look            good

Challenge Words:

crooked            bookcase



Week 28:

cow                        found                  house

loud                        town                   brown

shout                     ground                 down

pound                    mouse                 flower

Review Words:

out            now

Challenge Words:

towel            pounce



Week 29:

aim                       gain                 snail

sly                        bay                   chain

braid                    shy                    ray

bright                   always             fright


Review Words:

tray                try

Challenge Words:

contain                thigh



Week 30:

seated                    groan                keeps

roast                       speed                bowls

seen                        crow                 means

owe                         clean                grown

Review Words:

green            snow

Challenge Words:

peace            below