It is our goal here at Westmoreland Elementary to have all students put forth their best effort when completing a task.  This would include reading all the directions, looking back over an assignment when completed, and working on an assignment even when it becomes difficult.

In the near future you will notice a special stamp on your child's work.  It will say "good effort" with a number (1-4).  We are stressing effort in all classrooms.

Listed below is an explanation of the numbers. This list is on every desk in my room.

          1.      I put very little effort into the task.

2.      I put some effort into the task, but I stopped working when it got hard.

3.      I worked on the task until it was completed even though it got hard.

4.      I worked on the task until it was completed.  I pushed myself to continue working even when it was hard and I worked until I understood how to get the right answer.